Mati Butterfly  Daycare

 Children from the Mati Daycare in Shankipara, Mymensingh

The Mati Daycare // Mymensingh

Safe spaces are equally as important as children’s personal

home environment. Through their direct inclusion in the EoL

programme, parents and caregivers gain a better understanding

of the psycho-social effects the environment has on their

children’s well-being and learning abilities, and are empowered

to provide useful assistance. EoL is particularly successful when

children practice EoL activities at home, together with siblings,

parents or independently to do their homework. When their innate

motivational urge to learn is reinvigorated, learning becomes part

of their daily life.

How to contact us

Mati NGO Head Office

67/1 S. A. Sarker Road, Sankipara, 2200 Mymensingh

Tel: (+880) 1552 435520


Caritas Switzerland

Adligenswilerstrasse 15, P.O. Box, CH-6002 Lucerne

Tel: +41 41 419 22 22




Postfach 4162, 65031 Wiesbaden

Donations for which a tax refund receipt is needed, can be made to the following account of German partner MATI e.V.


Bank Name: Wiesbadener Volksbank

IBAN: DE36510900000010015200