Pedagogical Toys

All our wooden toys and furniture are produced by our Carpentery nearby.

For the production of our toys we are only using natural materials like wood or recyable materials.

These natural materials are engaing the interest of the child and are supporting the free development to get them to a appropriate level of their age.

Reconnecting children to their everyday reality, helps them to develop a realistic perception of their environment, and stimulates their sense of belonging.

The kids can pick between several items to build their favorite toy. Connecting different materials in different ways gives the oppertunity for the children to recreate a new toy from scratch every day.

1. Set of 200 long blocks for construction.

2. Psychosocial Shape Twister Puzzle.

3. Jenga Constriction tower.

4. Three Dimensional Animal set ( 2 PC Set) Rhino and Bear

5. Elephant, two whales, bird and fish.

6. Finished Pedagogical animal collection set

7. Small Animal Sets (7PCS)

8. Gig Size Animal Nature (6 PC Set)

9. Wooden Camera Set (4 PCs)

10. Dining Table Set

11. Wooden Car with Wheels

12. Set off Wooden Bowl to store small items like pet, bottle cup. 

13. Different Set of shapes (100pcs)

14. Set of block shapes

15. Box with Lid

16. Box without Lid

17. Organizing Table

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